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AeroPilates Primer


  • Theory and Benefits:  Learn the theory behind AeroPilates and how regular workouts on an AeroPilates machine have a huge number of benefits to your health and wellness.
  • Machine Overview:  Get a complete breakdown of the AeroPilates machine and accessories. Understanding your machine is key to using it properly.
  • Rebounder Overview:  Learn about the excellent benefits a Rebounder can offer you. Not only can you improve your cardio but you can add dozens of potential workouts to your AeroPilates machine.
  • Rules of Body Placement:  Learn where and how to place your body in proper form. There are a few basic rules that are important to getting the most benefit from your AeroPilates machine.
  • Familiar Terms:  Learn the common terms used in AeroPilates workouts. You will encounter these terms in any AeroPilates workout and class, so it is important to familiarize yourself with these fitness terms.
  • Spinal Movements:  Learn the basic spinal movements on your Reformer, including forward flexion, extensions, side bending, abductions, adductions, and rotational.
  • Safety Rules:  Learn all of the important rules of safety on your Reformer to help minimize risk of injury or accident during a workout.
  • Basic Introductory Workout:  A basic workout incorporating rebounding and traditional Pilates reformer exercises. This workout is an excellent jumping-off point to your fitness journey with AeroPilates.

1 workouts included

Basic Introductory Workout
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AeroPilates Theory and Benefits
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AeroPilates Machine Overview
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Rebounder Overview
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Rules of Body Placement
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Familiar Terms
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Spinal Movements
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Safety Rules
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