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What Causes Back Pain & How You Can Prevent It

Back pain and problems with posture have far-reaching and long-lasting effects on your overall quality of life. The ability to improve your back health, or prevent future issues, is essential. Stamina Products can provide you with the right equipment to keep your back, and your whole body, in the best shape it can be in. Below, we’ll discuss some of the main causes of back pain and how you can effectively prevent it. 

Common Causes of Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain

There are many potential causes for lower and upper back, shoulders, and neck pain. The most common causes of this kind of pain include: 

  • Degenerative disk diseases
  • Pinched nerves
  • Herniated discs
  • Whiplash from an accident 
  • General strain 
  • Improper techniques at the gym
  • Using cheap, poorly designed workout equipment

No matter who you are or how healthy you might be, back pain is a risk to everyone, and it can be debilitating. Even if you find yourself in pretty good shape and you exercise often, you’re not immune. Things like bad technique and cheap equipment, over time, can contribute to torn muscles and ligaments, herniated discs, and even bad posture. Below, we’ll discuss some ways you can prevent back pain to live a more comfortable life. 

How to Prevent Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain

We all know how important it is to stay active and healthy, and this is a huge factor in preventing, and even relieving back pain. Exercises like wall sits, press-up back extensions, stretching, etc. can all help to prevent or relieve back pain. Workout equipment like Stamina’s Inline Back Stretch Bench can help to loosen areas like your back, knees, hips and more that get tight over time. To sum everything up, good technique and quality exercise equipment are essential to back pain prevention. These two things will improve the way you work out, meaning your back, shoulders, and neck will stay strong, supported, and healthy.

Exercise Equipment to Prevent & Relieve Back Pain

Below, you’ll find the exercise products we offer specifically designed to help relieve back pain through decompression, stretching, traction and massaging.

InLine Inversion Chair

Inversion therapy utilizes your own weight to help decompress, lengthen, and strengthen the spine. With the Stamina InLine Inversion Chair, it’s easier and more comfortable than ever. This inversion chair is a versatile and adaptable chair with cushion upholstery to offer comfort as well as relief.

InLine Traction Control System

If you’re looking for a solution to middle and lower back pain, and hip pain, the InLine Traction Control System will help joint and back pain conveniently and comfortably. You’ll be able to go as far as you would like to go – you’ll never feel uncomfortable or unsafe on the system because your feet are always planted on the ground. Plus, your posture may improve as well. This stable, comfortable, well-constructed system is ideal for home use.

InLine Back Stretch Bench

With the InLine Back Stretch Bench, you’ll help decompress your knees and ankles, improve posture, align your body properly, and ultimately, reduce your risk of future injury with gentle traction and decompression. The simple cranking mechanism ensures the stretch is never too intense because you will be in control the entire time.

BackTrac Back Massager

A healthy, functional spine improves your quality of life. The BackTrac Back Massager is the acupressure-focused solution for helping ease the strain on your back muscles. The BackTrac Back Massager uses intense pressure on key trigger points on your back to help alleviate back pain and poor posture. If you’re sick of a sore, tired, aching back dragging you down and interfering with your family time, work, workout, favorite sport, or recreation, the BackTrac Back Massager is for you.

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