Learn about AeroPilates from renowned AeroPilates expert, Marjolein Brugman. She will teach you the amazing benefits of the system and show you how to choose the right reformer for you.

Exercise Bikes

Learn the tried and true benefits of exercise bikes from a certified personal trainer. She will also share what to look for when making a purchase.

Compact Striders

Discover how our Compact Striders provide a low-impact, space-saving way to get a full cardio workout while toning your lower body.


Our certified personal trainer will explain the body-changing benefits of using a stepper. Also, learn the differences of the many steppers on the market.


Increasing strength can help you build muscle, burn fat, and ramp up your metabolism. Learn the benefits and features of strength equipment from a strength expert.


Our Active Aging expert will show you the low-impact benefits of using a trampoline, or rebounder, for exercise. She’ll also explain the different options available.


Our manual treadmills allow you to walk comfortably indoors without the hassle of maintaining an electric motor.

Back Health

Dr. David Vitko, Chiropractic Physician, explains the amazing benefits of decompression and massage. He also talks through the products available to help you ease your back pain at home.

Rowing Machines

Learn the full-body benefits of rowing from a Certified Personal Trainer. You’ll also pick up the proper form of a rowing stroke and how to determine the right rower for you.

Stamina X

Designed to push your limits, our Stamina X line provides you with personalized workouts that range from low to high intensity.


Sitting all day is not good for you. Discover how WIRK can help you combat the negative effects of the desk job.

Outdoor Equipment

Learn the benefits of exercising outdoors and the equipment that helps you do it.