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Who knew that having fun jumping on a trampoline as a kid can be an effective, full-body exercise as an adult? Believe it or not, trampoline exercises offer a fun and challenging workout routine that leaves your body feeling great. At Stamina Products, Inc., we offer a wide range of fitness trampolines that will increase muscle mass, burn calories, and help you bounce your way to a healthier body.

Fitness Trampoline Benefits

Why use a trampoline as a part of an overall fitness routine? Depending on your workout and your metabolism, a workout on a trampoline can burn an incredible amount of calories while putting far less stress on your joints than more impact-heavy exercises.

The right type of workout on a trampoline can benefit you in a variety of ways, promoting weight loss, giving you a great cardio workout, improving your circulation, improving your balance and more. Best of all, a trampoline allows you to dictate the intensity of your workout based on your own movement.

Not only that, but the right trampoline with the best design philosophy behind it is a convenient, space-saving piece of fitness equipment that can be easily stored and transported.

Which Fitness Trampoline is Right for Me?

At Stamina Products Inc., we understand that everyone has different fitness goals as well as different ways of reaching those goals. That is why we offer a variety of fitness trampolines. View our trampoline options to see which one is the right fit for you.

InTone® Oval Fitness Trampoline

A compact but intensive workout, equipped with an electronic monitor to track your progress and designed with Stamina durability. Upper body cords allow for enhanced intensity.

Avari® Oval Jogger

Equipped with a fitness monitor that can tell you your workout time, jumps per minute, total jumps, and calories burned. Includes upper body cords to increase intensity.

InTone® Oval Jogger

Affordable, compact, and fun, the Oval Jogger comes with an electronic monitor and upper body cords for the ideal cardio and calorie burning workout.

InTone® Plus 38” Jogger

For beginners or intermediates – or if you’re looking for an even more compact option – this Jogger offers all the benefits in a smaller design.

36 Inch Folding Trampoline

An effective, safe, and simple way to improve your cardio at home with a professionally designed trampoline that easily folds to fit into small storage spaces.

Oval Fitness Trampoline

A streamlined option that is the ultimate in convenience and professional design, the Oval Fitness trampoline is sleek and simple, but perfectly constructed for your home fitness needs.



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