Running During Coronavirus: A Simple, Safe Way to Stay Fit

Gyms have closed across the country to prevent the spread of COVID-19. How can you stay active without your favorite workout class or gym partner? As our routines change during this time, we can find new ways to stay fit. Whether you must shelter in place or you’re imposing self-quarantine, there’s one solo exercise that […]

Your Guide to Healthy Quarantine Food

If you’ve been to a grocery store in the last few weeks, you know it’s a battle to get anything in your cart. Finding toilet paper is a mystery, and getting bread is almost impossible. As more and more of our  staples fly off the shelves, many of us are wondering what to do about […]

How to Stay Fit During COVID-19

You’re stuck home, isolated from a gym. What are you supposed to do for exercise now? All around the world, businesses and establishments of all kinds are being closed to slow the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. This may even include your place of exercise. Whether you’ve had to quit your gym or not, many disease […]

The Weight Loss Road Trip

My name is Kathy. Marjolein asked me to write to all of you in the hopes that I might be able to lend some encouragement in your struggles with weight loss. Not too long ago, I was in a place where I felt helpless. I was embarrassed about my physical appearance. Everything I did was […]

6 Tips to Stay Motivated During the Holidays

Your alarm rings. You jump out of bed, throw on your tennis shoes, and head to your home gym. It’s time for your morning workout.  While this may sound like you, in reality, we all have days where we have no motivation to work out and all we want to do is we hit snooze. […]

Ramping Up Fitness Trampoline Intensity: Upper Body

If you are interested in adding an extra level of difficulty to your fitness trampoline, you may consider accessories that can increase the intensity of your workout. For instance, hand weights, resistance tubes, and specific movements are all great additions to your fitness trampoline routine. Today, the Stamina Products team will discuss how you can […]

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Fitness Trampolines

It is pretty well known at this point how great fitness trampolines are for improving your cardiovascular performance and fitness levels. Jumping on a trampoline is a fun, full-body workout that people of all fitness levels can enjoy. However, there are many surprising health benefits that jumping on a fitness trampoline can provide. Learn more […]

The 7 Steps to Take to Stay Healthy as a Gamer

The 7 Steps to Take to Stay Healthy as a Gamer As fitness experts and avid gamers, the Stamina Products team wants to do what we can to help change the stereotype around gamers. Just because you (and 150 million Americans)   enjoy playing games doesn’t mean you must live an unhealthy lifestyle.   If you […]

Gamer Fitness: Getting Fit and Healthy

Gamer Fitness: Getting Fit and Healthy As video game popularity continues to skyrocket, the average gamer may be different than the stereotype many people might imagine. According to a report from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), more than 150 million — or 42 percent of Americans — regularly play video games. As the demographics of […]

Improve Your Core Strength and Balance with a Fitness Trampoline

Building core strength is all the rage in the fitness community. As people learn more about the impact your core muscles have on your overall athletic ability, more people are finding ways to target this crucial area. One of the best ways to improve your core strength is with a fitness trampoline. Today, the Stamina […]

Developing a Video Game Fitness Plan

When many people think ‘gamer’ they envision an out-of-shape couch potato. While gaming usually means time spent slouching on the sofa, there are actually many ways to remain active while playing video games. With a little planning and dedication, you can play your favorite games while you get fit and healthy. Today, the Stamina Products […]

5 Exercises for Gamers

Dedicated gamers can spend hours improving their video game skills from the comfort of a chair or couch.  Whether playing on  PC or console, the reality is the vast majority of gaming is done sitting down. While this might be the best way to keep your concentration on the video game, prolonged sitting can wreak […]