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Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness Gift Ideas for Friends & Family

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time for annual family traditions, wrapping paper that glitters, beloved holiday dishes and, of course, presents under the tree. The holidays are approaching quickly. What will you give everyone on your list?

We’re ready to spread holiday cheer with fitness equipment and accessories for all skill levels. Whether you’re buying gifts for a gym junkie or a friend who wants to be more active, give your health-conscious friends and family gifts you know they’ll appreciate.

Use this guide to find the perfect workout gifts for the fitness lovers in your life.

Our Top Fitness Gift Recommendations

These machines would look even better with a big red bow. Here are our four favorite gifts for the holiday season. 

Woman stands by the müüv exercise bike in her living room.
Stamina’s colorful müüv Bike.
müüv Bike
Best for your active spouse

Give a gift with a fun aesthetic and personal touch. Yes, we’re talking about an exercise bike! Powered by your smartphone, the müüv Bike combines sleek design with smart audio coaching technology. Translation: an app speaks to the bike and vice versa. 

The müüv Bike seamlessly connects with the free müüv app, which offers smart audio coaching. As the app leads you through workouts, your “coach” will tell you when to change resistance or your position on the bike. You can adjust the intensity of your workout with your voice or by pressing a button. 

The bike and included heart rate strap allow the app to make adjustments on your behalf to help you reach your goals. Say “yes,” and the bike will automatically adjust. Each workout is fun, unintimidating and tailored to you. 

Shop the müüv Bike.

Stamina DT Pro Rower
Best for your gym junkie

The Stamina DT Pro Rower brings gym-like sophistication and durability to a home rowing machine. Experienced rowers will appreciate its smooth stroke. You will work all major muscle groups with this rower’s magnetic and airflow resistance technologies. 

As opposed to other rowing machines, this rower requires some serious effort to complete every stroke. Does your loved one enjoy a challenge? Pair them up with this rowing machine. It might be a match made in heaven.

Shop the Stamina DT Pro Rower

Home Studio Reformer 
Best for your pilates lover

Know someone who loves mat-based Pilates? They are sure to find reformer Pilates refreshing and fun. Our AeroPilates Home Studio Reformers are a comfortable, low-impact way to strengthen and tone your entire body. 

An AeroPilates reformer allows you to perform more than 300 different exercises and customize your resistance. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Bonus: Many of our models also fold for easy storage. Dive into AeroPilates with a look at our Home Studio Reformer 392.

Shop all Home Studio Reformers

Vertical Climber 
Best for your wannabe adventurer

A vertical climber offers all the benefits of climbing, minus the mountain. It’s perfect for those who want to bring a taste of adventure to their home workouts. 

The Stamina Cardio Climber mimics mountain climbing for a low-impact cardiovascular exercise. As you climb, you will engage every major muscle group and burn excess fat. 

Shop the Stamina Cardio Climber.

Fitness Gifts for the Apartment Dweller

Home gyms can exist anywhere, even in tiny spaces. Give your fitness-loving friend who needs to save space equipment with a small footprint. These types of equipment are easy to cart from room to room and store when not in use. 

A woman places her feet on a compact strider in her living room.
Compact strider at home.
Compact Striders 
Small machines with a big impact

Compact ellipticals are portable, and they fit under desks and dining tables. They’re practical for the person with no space for a dedicated home gym. Whether you use the machines sitting down or standing up, our InMotion Compact Striders help you reap the benefits of running or jogging without putting pressure on your joints. 

Compact striders are great for beginners, people with joint problems or those who would like to move more during the workday. You can take your compact strider wherever you go, from the living room to the office. 

Shop all compact striders

Fitness Trampolines
Put a spring in someone’s step

Working out should be fun, but often it isn’t. Staying motivated to move is the hardest part of working out. A fitness trampoline may be the ticket to more motivation for that friend who needs a push. 

Who doesn’t want to feel like a kid again? Indoor fitness trampolines are easy to use, and they don’t take up a lot of space. Each bounce helps you burn calories and tone your lower body. 

Shop our fitness trampolines

Small Stair Steppers
Cardio that’s not intimidating

Do you have a friend or family member who is tired of the treadmill? Steppers are excellent choices for runners. Pounding the pavement or hitting the treadmill day after day can strain your joints. Yet, many low-impact exercises aren’t as thrilling as going for a run. 

Steppers are the best of both worlds. They are easy on your joints, and they can still keep a fast pace. Stamina’s selection of steppers are non-motorized, featuring built-in wheels that make transportation and storage easy. 

Beginners also benefit from the simplicity and ease of use that fitness steppers offer. Cardio doesn’t have to be intimidating or tricky. 

Shop all steppers.

Workout Gifts for the Remote Worker 

Remote work is here to stay. Treat your friend who’s always at home to machines made for multitasking. Our collection of office exercise equipment keeps you moving throughout the day, even if you never leave the house anymore. 

A woman uses a compact exercise bike under her desk at home.
The WIRK Under Desk Exercise Bike.
WIRK Under Desk Exercise Bike
Your best-kept fitness secret

You’ve got a comfortable chair, the right lighting and photos that make you smile on top of your desk. What could make your home office space even better? 

Our WIRK Under Desk Exercise Bike fits unobtrusively under your desk, so it doesn’t impose on your carefully crafted aesthetic. With plenty of space to pedal, you won’t have to worry about knocking your knees on your desk. 

This desk exercise bike is also the ideal office companion. It’s easy to take back and forth from home to the office. Plus, it’s silent. No one will know you’re secretly burning calories.

Shop the WIRK Under Desk Exercise Bike.

WIRK Ride Exercise Bike & Workstation
Work out while you work

Finding time to work out is hard, even if you are at home! Your friend or partner may have ditched their daily commute, but now their workday seems to extend past the 8 to 5. 

While you encourage them to stick to a healthy work-life balance, you can also help them promote their physical health. You could get your friend or partner a standing desk. Or you could get a bike that also functions as a desk. 

Turn productive workdays into productive workouts with the WIRK Ride Exercise Bike & Workstation. While you cycle, you can set up your laptop or spread documents out on the large workspace. Tired of sitting? You can release the adjustable desk from its position and push it away to ride standing. 

Shop the WIRK Ride Exercise Bike & Workstation.

WIRK Ride Exercise Bike & Strength System
Make productive days even better

Take working from home—and working out at home—to another level. The WIRK Ride Exercise Bike & Strength System combines the WIRK bike with upper-body resistance cords. As you power through your workday, you can pedal or pull on the cords to engage your entire body.

Use the large and sturdy work surface to complete tasks while you move throughout the day. When you’re done, fold the WIRK Ride and roll it into storage. Then celebrate. It’s all in a day’s work.

Shop the WIRK Ride Exercise Bike & Strength System.

Gift Ideas for the AeroPilates Lover

Got an AeroPilates addict in your life? Gift some of our beloved (and highly sought-after) AeroPilates accessories for use on and off the reformer. 

AeroPilates founder Marjolein Brugman uses the box and pole while on a reformer.
AeroPilates founder Marjolein Brugman uses the box and pole while on a reformer.
Box and Pole
Take AeroPilates to the next level

Help your parent, partner or friend enhance their workouts on the AeroPilates reformer. No reformer Pilates routine is truly complete without the Stamina AeroPilates Box and Pole set. Use the box and pole with your reformer for support and stabilization. 

For standing exercises, the AeroPilates pole acts as your partner, helping you balance so you can focus on the movement at hand. The box opens the door for more exercises, expanding your possibilities on the reformer. 

Shop the AeroPilates Box & Pole.

Spine Corrector Barrel 
Support the spine and improve posture

As we age, our muscles weaken, and our spine loses its natural curve. Often, you can see this loss of curve in older adults, who stand stooped or appear to have a hunched back. Give a gift that helps your mother or spouse strengthen their ab and back muscles, and in turn, better support their spine.

Shop the AeroPilates Spine Corrector Barrel

Magic Circle
Pilates for the traveler

The AeroPilates Magic Circle is truly magic for people on the go. With this small piece of equipment, your Pilates lover can perform targeted mat workouts anywhere. People who travel frequently will find the almost 15” rubber ring easy to pack. The Magic Circle helps users tone their inner and outer thighs, upper arms and chest. 

Not a traveler? The Magic Circle adds a unique twist to exercises on the reformer. Those who own a reformer will find using the Magic Circle is a welcome addition to their routine. 

Shop the AeroPilates Magic Circle.

Precision Rotational Disk 
Reduce risk with rotation

Balance. Coordination. Hip strength. We all need to work on these as we age, train or recover from an injury. The AeroPilates Precision Rotational Disk helps users increase strength and flexibility for better balance. You can use the disk sitting or standing as you train your body for rotational movement. 

Shop the AeroPilates Precision Rotational Disk.

Fitness Gifts Under $50

It’s the thought that counts, not the price tag. Shop fitness gifts under $50.

Man holds the EvoRoller, a blue foam roller, out toward the camera.
The Stamina EvoRoller.
Get ready for recovery

Regardless of skill level, everyone can benefit from foam rolling. Recovery is an important step that many people overlook in their workout routines. If you’re looking for a gift idea that’s under $50, our patent-pending EvoRoller is like buying two recovery pieces in one. 

The EvoRoller can be used as a regular foam roller and as a tool to target deep muscle tissue. Each EvoRoller includes two EvoFocus points, which can be attached to the roller via a built-in slot. Once you pop the EvoFocus points into place, you can make adjustments to get them exactly where they need to be. 

The EvoRoller comes with a carrying bag, so you can tote it to the gym or office easily.

Shop the EvoRoller

Ab Session
Target your core

Solid and attractive abs require training and discipline, but there’s no reason you can’t achieve abs at home. The Stamina Ab Session helps you perform perfect sit-ups and crunches, which allows you to target your core muscles better. The Ab Session enables you to get the most out of your abdominal workout by placing your body in the ideal position.

Shop the Stamina Ab Session

Stability Ball
A low-key workout essential

Don’t let this fun fitness tool fool you. A stability ball is essential for every home gym. (And it’s a gift that’s under $20.) The exercises you can perform on a stability ball range from crunches to plank tucks. Beginners and serious athletes alike can enhance mat exercises and perform full-body workouts with the help of a stability ball. 

Shop the Calm 55 cm Anti-Burst Body Ball

We hope we’ve given you plenty of fantastic workout gift ideas for your holiday shopping. Trust us, these gifts for fitness lovers are bound to impress. 

Please reach out to us with any questions you have about our products. We’re happy to help you purchase the perfect gift.

Happy holidays! 

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