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AeroPilates Beginners Guide Video On Demand Bundle


20 Minute Quick Sweat If you desire a quick and effective workout, this guided routine with Shauna Smith-Yates is for you. You'll trim fat, shape muscle and increase your flexibility, all in only 20 minutes. Runtime approximately 20 minutes. Back Care and Core Manage back pain, improve recovery and strengthen the body by targeting the back and core muscle groups in this guided workout with Shauna Smith-Yates. Runtime approximately 46 minutes. Cardio Rebounder Interval Workout Strengthen and sculpt your hips, thighs, calves and core with your AeroPilates Reformer. Join Shauna Smith-Yates as she walks you through an effective and extended workout using the Patented Cardio Rebounder. Runtime approximately 38 minutes. Full Body AeroPilates Workout Join our new AeroPilates trainer Shauna Smith-Yates for a fresh twist on your AeroPilates reformer. Experience the benefits of AeroPilates in this total body workout, perfect for stretching out, strengthening muscles and joints, and increasing your cardiovascular health. Ease into your exercise with an extended warm-up, perfect for getting the body ready for this full-body routine. Runtime approximately 40 minutes.   Intermediate/Advanced Full Body with Shauna. Ready to take your AeroPilates practice up a notch? You'll love this faster-paced routine with Shauna Smith-Yates targeting all of the major muscle groups on your Reformer. Burn calories, strengthen the pelvic floor, tone muscle and improve flexibility with the power of AeroPilates. Runtime approximately 40 minutes.   Lower Body with Shauna Tone your thighs, hips, calves and glutes in this in-depth, guided workout with trainer Shauna Smith-Yates on your AeroPilates Reformer. Runtime approximately 40 minutes.   Quick Total Body Toning Workout with Shauna Feel the burn in this brief, effective workout targeting every major muscle group on your AeroPilates Reformer with Shauna Smith-Yates. Runtime approximately 22 minutes.   Rebounder/Reformer Combo Workout Hop on your Reformer and work alongside Shauna in this guided routine using your Rebounder! You'll tone the entire body, burn calories and strengthen your pelvic floor in a fun, directed manner. Runtime approximately 30 minutes.   Strength Workout Conditioning with Shauna Take extra advantage of your foot bar and cardio rebounder in this intensive, guided workout with expert Pilates trainer Shauna Smith-Yates. You'll learn how your Reformer can be used to more effectively target specific, major muscle groups along with a variety of powerful exercises. Runtime approximately 43 minutes.   Upper Body with Shauna Tone, stretch and strengthen the upper body while burning extra calories in this guided workout on your AeroPilates Reformer with Shauna Smith-Yates.

  • Runtime approximately 40 minutes.
Equipment Required: AeroPilates Reformer Trainer: Shauna Smith-Yates                          

10 workouts included

20 Minute Quick Sweat
Video On Demand

Back Care and Core
Video On Demand

Cardio Rebounder Interval Workout
Video On Demand

Full Body AeroPilates Workout
Video On Demand

Intermediate/Advanced Full Body with Shauna
Video On Demand

Lower Body with Shauna
Video On Demand

Quick Total Body Toning Workout with Shauna
Video On Demand

Rebounder/Reformer Combo Workout
Video On Demand

Strength Workout Conditioning with Shauna
Video On Demand

Upper Body with Shauna
Video On Demand

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