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Spring Back into Shape this Season

Look around you. Flowers are starting to bloom. Geese are returning in flock. Best of all, the warm, wet air of spring is approaching. For many, the spring season is a time of physical and mental renewal. After the long slump of a cold and dark winter, it can be easier to find the extra motivation you need with the change of season.

However, even with this added motivation it can be hard to find the time to dedicate to working out with a packed schedule. Check out this list of five tips for achieving your optimal physique even with a busy lifestyle.

1. Bring your exercise to work


Don’t let the idea of spending all day at work hold you back! There’s plenty of exercise equipment that affords you the option of a great workout at your desk. Find exercise equipment that’s portable, efficient and (preferably) quiet.

Compact striders are one possible solution – they have a small footprint and fit under your desk, so even while you’re working you can get a workout in. Other options might include a mini bike, exercise ball, cycling workstation, adjustable dumbbell, orbit strider or even a back massager.

Click here for a free guide on office fitness!

2. Take advantage of downtime

Days may often feel packed, but look hard enough and you might be surprised to find the amount of downtime you have in between activities. For example, during a television commercial break, plop down and do a set of stretches until the break ends. Or, if you’re cooking, waiting for an oven timer, do a particular exercise until that timer beeps. Seek out other instances of free time for further fitness potential.

3. Find ways to enjoy the weather

spring tennis

Many love the return of warmer weather, and with good reason. Take a moment to think what outdoor activity you enjoy the most. Regardless of what it is, getting active outside is a great way to burn calories and maintain an optimal physique. On top of that, this is an ideal season for spending quality time with friends or family. Or pets. Who doesn’t love a good jog in the park with their dog?

4. Monitor your nutrition

Nutrition is an important foundation of maintaining health while navigating a busy schedule. With just a little bit of planning and figuring out what works best for you, it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to promote weight loss and sculpt your body. Start by setting a target for yourself – how much weight would you like to lose (or gain if building muscle)? Go to a calorie calculator to figure out the daily amount you need. After this, the two best things you can do are to track your calories with apps (MyFitnessPal), and seek out healthy recipes that suit your level of prep time required.

5. Build a home gym


Costly memberships, commute times, and long waiting periods. These are all downsides of going to a commercial gym. If commercial gyms aren’t for you, one alternative is building your own home gym. This could consist of an entire room of equipment or just one machine. Find what kind of routine works best for you and build out from there.

Check out the Stamina Wonder Bike for an all-in-one solution. It features an exercise bike for lower-body cardiovascular work, and Wonder arms for a range of strength-building, upper-body exercises.

Click here for a free, step-by-step home gym guide!


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