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How Juvo Board Empowers the Post-Natal Mom

In November we shared with you the many benefits and some great ideas on how Juvo Board assists the pregnant user in staying fit, comfortable and safe. This month we bring you a post-natal workout to help mom gently return to exercise.

Before beginning a post-natal workout, mom should be cleared by her doctor and checked for diastasis recti, or seperation of the rectus abdominis. If significant diastasis recti is present, the post-natal client should return to exercise under the guidance of a physical therapist or qualified fitness professional.

When beginning exercise after baby, start slowly, take breaks when needed, and remember to stay hydrated. As gently as mom tapered exercise over the approximately 40 weeks until baby was born, the postnatal client should build back up slowly, listening to her body, and stopping if any movement causes pain.

juvo board post-natal

Just as the Juvo Board is the perfect tool to assist the prenatal client, it also provides many of the same and some different benefits to the post-natal client.

The Elevate position of the board:

  • Assists the lengthened abdominals regain strength
  • Helps the post-natal client with diastasis recti or a c-section safely and comfortably strengthen abdominals by providing assistance and support
  • Opens the chest and alleviates pressure on the upper back from breast feeding
  • Provides assistance in regaining lower body strength and pelvic support from the hormones that prepared the pelvis for childbirth in exercises, such as squats and lunges
  • Gently allows the client to safely regain upper body strength through push-ups and planks which helps mom lift baby as she continues to grow and get heavier
  • Assists the mom stretch muscles that may have become stiff and tight during the recuperation time when activity was limited

The Balance position of the board:

  • Assists in activating and strengthening small muscles that support the joints which were affected by the pregnancy hormones
  • Aids in restoring balance which was affected from the weight changes that occurred during pregnancy
  • Allows the client to increase workout intensity as strength returns
  • Provides great variety to exercises performed in Elevate while still assisting the client return to difficult exercises such as burpees, planks, and push-ups

Check out the video below for a quick post-natal workout and see how the Juvo Board assists you and your clients’ return to fitness. Attain health and well-being after the birth of baby.


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