Sneak Peak: Stamina’s New Rowers and Magnetic Exercise Bikes

It’s an exciting time for Stamina Products. Two magnetic rowers, two water rowers and two magnetic exercise bikes – an upright and recumbent – will be available to purchase in the near future. In light of our new product releases, we interviewed one of our own.

Tyler Rogers, product manager, has been a part of the development process for over nine years. While he believes our products can appeal to just about anyone, some products can be more advantageous depending on lifestyle and fitness needs.

Magnetic Rowing Machine 1110 and 1130

According to Rogers, our new magnetic rowers have two distinct advantages: affordability and a smaller footprint. “This is good for people who don’t have a lot of room or a dedicated space for fitness,” he says. Plus, he believes that anyone can enjoy these two rowers. If you’re looking for a simple, endurance-building workout or total body strengthening, these are affordable options.

Here are the main difference between the two rowers:


Wave Water Rowing Machine 1445 and 1450

We’re extremely excited for customers to experience the feel and hear our new water rowers. “With water resistance, you get instant resistance from the very first pull,” says Rogers. “I also think it’s motivating to hear the water moving.” As with all rowers, these water rowers offer both a cardiovascular and strength-building workout. And while everyone can enjoy real water resistance, Rogers foresees avid rowers getting the most out of these rowers. For casual rowing, it’s harder to justify spending more money than needed.

Magnetic Upright 1310 and Magnetic Recumbent 1360

Finally, our new magnetic bikes are all about style. As Rogers puts it, “They’re affordable bikes with a newer look.” Really, the choice is whether you should purchase an upright or recumbent, and it’s a personal preference. If you find that your back needs more support, then a recumbent or semi-recumbent will be a better option than an upright. On the other hand, if you like riding a bike outdoors and are looking for an indoor alternative, then an upright is the way to go.

Most importantly, the product you buy should be one “you’re going to use on a consistent basis,” according to Rogers. And that’s not just with bikes – that’s with all equipment. He states, “That’s the basic part of buying exercise equipment: for people to use it and have a healthier life.”

When it comes to Stamina, Rogers believes you’re not just buying a product; you’re buying a brand. He says: “We provide a quality piece of equipment at a reasonable price. We also try to go above and beyond to stand behind our product and do the right thing for the customer to make them happy.”

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