Five Advantages of Weekly Meal Prep

Many nowadays struggle to bother keeping up with cooking their meals with the convenience and affordability of local and fast-food restaurants. Eating out saves you time, tastes delicious and is much easier than going through the arduous process of cooking every meal. To bypass the inconveniences of cooking, one trend that has recently gained traction is […]

4 Reasons Juvo Board is Ideal for Pregnant Mothers

Director of Education Shauna Smith-Yates explains why Juvo Board is ideal for expectant mothers. Watch this pregnancy workout video!

20-minute Modifiable Plyometric Workout for the Stamina|X Plyo Box

If you’re serious about burning fat and toning your entire body, you need to consider plyometric HIIT training. With Stamina’s Adjustable Plyo Box and dedication, you’ll have the perfect tool to achieve the results you desire.

30-minute Interval Cycling Workout for Stamina Upright Exercise Bikes

If you’ve purchased a Stamina upright exercise bike, look no further for a fat-burning, invigorating workout we’ve catered to our bikes. But even if you don’t have a Stamina bike or adjustable resistance, you can still perform this workout!

Things to Consider When Gifting Fitness Equipment

While the gift of fitness is one of the most beneficial, healthy gifts one can receive, it has to be under the right circumstances. In fact, receiving home gym equipment or a gym membership can be as offensive as it is beneficial. Check out our tips here.

Worrisome Winter Weight Gain: Myths, Facts and Prevention

It begins at Thanksgiving but lingers throughout the coming months. Then, when it’s finally warm enough to wear short sleeves or shorts, you notice it: the weight. Most of the time, it’s not a lot. According to most studies, it’s about a pound or two for the normal weight American and up to five pounds […]

Sneak Peak: Stamina’s New Rowers and Magnetic Exercise Bikes

It’s an exciting time for Stamina Products. Two magnetic rowers, two water rowers and two magnetic exercise bikes – an upright and recumbent – will be available to purchase in the near future. In light of our new product releases, we interviewed one of our own.

Mindset Over Matter: Improving Your Weight Loss Mentality

Weight loss is daunting, and our need for quick results makes it worse. Luckily, shifting you mentality may help you stick to your program.

Workout Don’ts: Getting the Most Out of Your Workout

If you’re taking the time to work out, you probably want to get the most out of it, right? You could be doing other things, like watching Netflix, but you’ve chosen to improve your mind and body (though Netflix is good for the soul). But first, we’ll cover what not to do.

Back to School: Pack Your Things, Not the Pounds

70 percent of college students gain weight in their college careers, but you can be the minority. It’s easier than you think to maintain a healthy weight.

Why You Should Strength Train if You’re Trying to Lose Weight

If you want to make your clothes fit better and improve your overall appearance and health, you need to incorporate strength training into your workouts.