6 Reasons You Should Buy an AeroPilates Reformer this Black Friday

You’ve been scouting TV and electronic Black Friday sales, but what if you went a different route this year? We’re selling two of our AeroPilates reformer models: the 55-5002-10S and the 55-4358-10S. Both of which are $100 off the refurbished price. If you’re considering buying a Pilates unit for you or someone else, here are some compelling reasons to follow through:

1. If Pilates and bodyweight training helped Joseph Pilates, it can help you too.

Considered frail and sickly as a child, it was only through determination, training and anatomical study that Joseph Pilates overcame asthma, rickets and other ailments. According to Eva Rincke, a devout Joseph Pilates biographer, Joseph studied the anatomy book an infant physician bought him out of pity – feverishly. By the age of 14, Joseph was an agile, strong athlete. He even helped his mother fight her immobility and stiffness at that same age.

2. It will help you survive your day.

During World War I, Joseph was placed in multiple German internment camps in England. Just like he helped his mother, he used his anatomical and physiological knowledge to help fellow prisoners. This method, which he dubbed “Contrology,” evolved into the Pilates practice we know today. He even designed primitive Pilates machines with bed springs and other items at his disposal. Ultimately, if Pilates can help prisoners survive, it can help you survive, right?

3. You’ll gain flexibility and mobility.

“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young,” Pilates once said. And 90 years of practitioners would most likely agree. According to the Pilates Foundation, Pilates can rehabilitate women post-pregnancy, injured athletes, spinal damage and joints like hips and knees.

4. You’ll build strength along with tone, lean muscle.

While both floor and reformer Pilates sessions can build total-body strength, Pilates reformers take it to the next level. According to Very Well, regular Pilates conditioning will result in flatter abs, stronger backs and toned arms and legs. In fact, your core is particularly challenged on moving reformers versus stationary floor exercises.

5. Your posture will improve.

According to Live Strong, your posture can improve within 10 to 20 sessions of Pilates. The modality’s focus on proper body alignment, concentration on a single body point and accurate breathing rhythm all aid in improving posture.

6. You can cancel your gym membership.

Seriously. Think about it. According to Money & Career Cheat Sheet, the average gym membership is $58. This adds up to over $600 dollars per year. Unless you are making time to go to the gym frequently, it may be time to buy more convenient, at-home fitness equipment. Plus, if you buy a refurbished reformer during this Black Friday sale, you’ll make a return on the investment within a a few months if you cancel a $58 membership.

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