A Chiropractor’s Guide to a Pain-free, Feel-good 2017

Based on Statistic Brain’s 2017 projections, 32 percent of those who made New Year’s resolutions have already failed by now. Even more somber, those over the age of 50 only have 16.3 percent chance in achieving their resolution. The young, spry 20-somethings have a 37.8 percent chance.

If we are making health and fitness based resolutions, why are we failing?

For many of us over the age of 30, muscle soreness and back pain make an exercise program uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. I have studied this problem over the past 30 years, both in myself and in my patients.

The following reflect my discoveries and some hints to help you succeed where others fail:

  • First off, be patient. You didn’t get into bad shape overnight. Therefore, you cannot fix it overnight.
  • Spend two to three weeks on a highly reparative diet to improve your blood health and microcirculation before jumping into an exercise program. You cannot exercise away the effects of poor diet. Poor microcirculation is the underlying cause of most muscle injury in weekend athletes and novice exercisers.
  • If you feel the absolute need to start exercising right away, start out with very brief periods of aerobic exercise daily – 10 to 15 minutes – just to elevate your heart rate for a short time. Over the next two to three weeks, you can gradually increase both time and intensity of exercise. The caveat is this: You must maintain a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and animal fats, lower in calories and absolutely no added sugar. If you’re diligent with your diet, you will know when it’s time to increase your efforts. You will feel it!
  • Use dumbbells for some light weight training early on in the process. If you can only do five or six repetitions, that’s fine. Just do what you can because even a few reps is a good start. Don’t rush the process. Enjoy it. Get into a routine that you want to make a lifelong habit.
  • I hesitate to say this as it certainly sounds self-serving, but the BackTrac Back Massager is an amazing asset in the effort to get healthier. The BackTrac will help your muscles feel better, function better and rebound from exercise-induced soreness much faster.

3I’ve said it before. You cannot deny that a great massage helps you feel better. The BackTrac absolutely gives you the best massage you can get at home on your own. Using it for just five minutes or so each day can quickly rejuvenate your tight, sore back muscles. You will be amazed at how great you can feel all the time! Plus, your back will feel better and won’t let you down when you need it most.

Feel free to contact me at drvitko.optimalhealth@gmail.com or visit my website.

Back Pain Relief Guide

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