9 Interesting Resolutions You May Want to Try

Foremost, it’s important to remember that you should not choose a resolution just to choose a resolution. Resolutions should align with your core values; they should not be based on fads. But we wanted to share some resolutions that you might not have thought of. Perhaps one of these suggestions will spark a resolution that you will stick with the rest of your life.

1. Make a new friend every month.

After you graduate high school and/or college and enter the real world, making friends isn’t the same. In fact, it’s rather difficult — especially if you’ve moved to a different city and don’t have your base group. To achieve this rewarding resolution, start off by joining a class, club, sport or activity you enjoy. You’ll begin to meet people you wouldn’t have otherwise. Then, through your newfound friends, you’ll be able to befriend their friends. 

2. Learn how to do something you weren’t able to when you were a child.

If you never learned how to ride a bike, do a cartwheel or climb a tree, why not learn now? Albeit, you may have some physical limitations you did not have when you were 10. But there are other, non-physical activities you can learn, such as making a fortune teller or setting up the perfect game of MASH. Channeling your inner child will release some of the stress from adulthood. Plus, you’ll be able to share these new talents with your kids.

3. Aim for five minutes of solitude a day.

According to Psychology Today, solitude:

  • Revitalizes the tired mind and body
  • Improves concentration and therefore increases your productivity
  • Allows you to find your own voice to make independent decisions
  • Enhances your relationships

While some form of meditation is ideal, there are other ways to ensure you get in your quiet time. Whether it’s driving without music or listening to ambient tracks, there’s always a way escape.

4. Thank someone who doesn’t get enough gratitude.

You interact with unsung heroes every day. Your mail carrier, drive-thru clerks, pharmacists and custodians make your daily life possible — but have you told them that? Whether it’s kind words or a gift, your small gesture could turn around someone’s day. You’ll feel good; they’ll feel even better. Everyone wins.

5. Make your bedtime an hour earlier.

If you need a boost in your productivity, overall health and mood, an appropriate bedtime might be the answer. Initially, you may feel like you’re sacrifice is fruitless. But ask yourself: Is your last hour awake all that productive? If the only thing you’re missing out on is Netflix time, then go to bed. You’ll feel the difference.

6. See your doctor and dentist regularly.

Most people prioritize their health and fitness for their New Year’s resolution, yet many fail to go to regular doctor and dental visits. While there isn’t a set schedule for well visits with your primary care physician, you should be going to the dentist every six months. Unfortunately, only 62 percent of individuals 18 to 64 years old went to a dental visit in 2014.

7. Stop being late.

Seriously. You’ll be perceived as more caring, dependable and professional. Punctuality is a habit that’s hard to begin but easy to maintain. In fact, there are many, simple ways to ensure your timely arrival.

8. Limit your time on social media by deleting phone apps.

While social media is an excellent tool for catching up with friends and family you don’t see regularly, it’s a doubled-edged sword. If you’re spending more time on trivial stalking than living in the present, then it’s time to delete social media apps. By limiting your social media to desktops or laptops, you’ll automatically spend less time on it. Once you get used to this, set a definitive time limit and stick to it.

9. Finally, adopt a pet.

If you’re able to commit the time, effort and money, adopting an animal can be extremely gratifying and beneficial. It’s common knowledge that physical contact with pets reduces stress, but pets can also impact other aspects of your health. For example, if you adopt a dog, you’ll get more exercise since you’ll be playing with it and taking it on walks. Plus, your newfound altruism might carry on in other aspects of your life.





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