Whether you struggle with chronic back pain or you’re just looking to maintain spine and back health, our back health exercise equipment at Stamina Products is an excellent solution. Unfortunately, back pain can potentially lead to long-lasting effects on your body. That is why our back health equipment is designed to help alleviate back pain and reduce the risk for injury but also to help improve your posture and body alignment.

Don’t let muscle tension and back pain get in the way of your quality of life. Our back health exercise equipment helps alleviate and prevent back problems in the comfort of your own home. Order one of our products today to start living your life with a healthier back!


Reduce Back Pain

If you have back issues, the muscles in your back are probably tight. Reducing the strain and massaging the knots can help relieve that tension.


Maintain Spine Health

It is crucial to decompress, massage, and stretch your muscles and joints in your back to maintain your back health.


Alleviate Muscle Tension

 Daily life can cause pain in your back. Decompression and massage help to bring relief to your spine.



A healthy, functional spine can improve ones quality of life. Everything we do comes to a halt when back pain and muscle tension show up. The BackTrac is designed to help eliminate these problems with regular, few-minute sessions. Invented by Dr. David Vitko, a chiropractic physician with over 30 years of experience, the BackTrac helps relax muscle tension, improve spinal joint mobility, relieve tender trigger points and gently stretch your spine.


I choose to live a very busy lifestyle as a small business owner I drive a lot about 30,000 miles annually and as a fill-in dental hygienist. Both reek havoc on my back ... the BackTrac has been my daily go to for relief in between chiropractic adjustments. It's amazing and I love it ... i typically use it before bed and I'm sleeping better! Ever friend that tries it loves it and has bought one too!! You won't regret it!!

- Delighted, BackTrac Back Massager

So easy to use and with better than expected results. I only used the InLine Traction Control System 6 times and I have not had any sciatic pain in my right leg since, and the last time I have been pain free like this has been over 5 YEARS!! Thank you for a wonderful product that I would highly recommend.

- RussC, InLine Traction Control System

I highly recommend the BackTrac. For me it is a critical piece of equipment in my home gym. It keeps the tightness out of my back and enables me to have the flexibility to have a very active lifestyle. For me, I would be lost without it. When I get up in the morning and my back and neck are feeling stiff, I head right for the BackTrac Massager, and it gets the knots out after just a few minutes of rolling on it, and it really does feel good! Gives you a good tingling sensation.

- Randal, BackTrac Back Massager



Inversion therapy utilizes your own weight to decompress, lengthen and strengthen the spine, and with the Stamina Seated Inversion System, it's easier and more comfortable than ever. Foremost, getting on and off the chair is a breeze, which makes it ideal for users with limited mobility. You can also control the degree of your inversion by adjusting the nylon inversion-angle adjustment strap underneath the seat so that you never go beyond your comfort zone. The chair also features cushioned upholstery and padded handlebars to make sitting and maneuvering yourself in the chair as enjoyable as it is relieving. 



If you’re looking for a solution to middle and lower back pain, hip pain and even sciatic nerve pain, look no further. The InLine Traction Control System will help resolve joint and back pain conveniently and comfortably in your home. Unlike an inversion table, you won’t have to go upside down nor on the ground. You’ll be able to stretch your back, hips and legs from a flat-footed position. This makes the Traction Control System ideal for those with limited mobility, high blood pressure and other medical issues.


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