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The 7 Steps to Take to Stay Healthy as a Gamer

The 7 Steps to Take to Stay Healthy as a Gamer

As fitness experts and avid gamers, the Stamina Products team wants to do what we can to help change the stereotype around gamers. Just because you (and 150 million Americans)   enjoy playing games doesn’t mean you must live an unhealthy lifestyle.


If you are a gamer who is unsure how to stay healthy while still enjoying your favorite hobby, you’ve come to the right place. Today, the experts at Stamina Products share a few easy steps to ensure you stay healthy while gaming.

Stay Hydrated

First and foremost, you have to give your body the water it needs to function. Water is key for a long list of crucial bodily functions. If your eyes or joints get sore during a gaming session, you may be experiencing the adverse effects of dehydration.


If you are the type who reaches for a soda when they feel thirsty, this advice is crucial. Keep water on hand at all times, and set a timer to drink every 15 minutes if you must. Replacing soda, coffee, or sugary juices with water will be difficult at first. Once your body adjusts to proper hydration with less sugar and caffeine, you’ll be shocked at how much more healthy and energetic you feel.

Eat Healthy Food

Along the same lines as above, the food you put in your body has an immense impact on your health and how you feel. Unless you are a bodybuilder you won’t have to go as far as counting your calories and calculating your macros. However, nearly all of us could benefit from a healthier diet. Take the time to cook your own meals, try to avoid too much processed or sugary foods, and take pride in the results that will quickly follow.

Take Frequent Breaks

Long gaming sessions without breaks can be surprisingly hard on your body. As described above, staying hydrated and preparing healthy snacks will help create natural breaks. Drinking lots of water will inevitably require you to press pause and move around. Getting up to cook your meals will also get you away from the screen. A simple 5-minute walk and stretching session will help get your blood circulating and improve brain activity. Your improved mood, cognition, and health will optimize your gaming skills when you return to the action.

Rest Your Eyes

Gaming puts an incredible strain on your eyes, that most people tend to overlook. Not only can eye strain cause headaches and nausea, but can lead to serious damage. You need to periodically stretch out your eye-focusing ciliary muscles. Take some time to look away from your display and focus on distant objects. Walk over to your window and enjoy the natural light — your eyes will thank you.

Don’t Put Off Sleep

We know how it goes, one more turn then you’ll head to bed. The problem is that one last turn quickly turns into hours extra of gaming. Sleep deprivation is an epidemic in the US, and reducing your sleep in exchange for more gaming time can be extremely detrimental to your health.

Sleep plays an important role in your physical health. For example, sleep is involved in the healing of your heart and blood vessels, helps promote concentration, and maximizes your athletic performance. People who don’t get enough sleep are more prone to weight gain as well, so if your health is a priority — getting enough sleep is crucial.

Exercise While You Game

Stamina Products has developed exercise equipment to help facilitate healthy lifestyle habits even while you play your favorite games. Our WIRK exercise equipment line is specifically designed to allow you to get a great workout even while you remain sitting. For example, the WIRK Under Desk Exercise Bike is perfect for promoting passive exercise to burn some calories while you stay focused on your video game.

Check Out Stamina Products WIRK Series

If you are ready to get serious about your health and wellbeing, check out the Stamina Products WIRK line of exercise equipment today. If you follow these tips, get plenty of exercise, and be cognizant of what your body is telling you, soon you’ll be on the road to a healthy lifestyle. To get started on your road to health, contact Stamina Products at 1-800-375-7520 or check out the wide range of exercise equipment we offer online.

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