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6 Tips to Stay Motivated During the Holidays

Your alarm rings. You jump out of bed, throw on your tennis shoes, and head to your home gym. It’s time for your morning workout. 

While this may sound like you, in reality, we all have days where we have no motivation to work out and all we want to do is we hit snooze. You can lose motivation whether you’ve started a new workout routine or have been working out consistently for years. 

It can be even harder to stick to your routine during the holidays. As the weather gets colder, you may be reluctant to go on your morning run, or you may struggle to find indoor activities you enjoy. Family gatherings may interrupt your routine, and travel may take you away from your home gym equipment. Not to mention the rich holiday meals that may have you feeling tired and stuffed. 

Are you having trouble staying motivated? 

Don’t let yourself get stuck in a workout slump! Exercise will make you feel energized and empowered. Try these six tips to keep yourself on track this holiday season. 

1. Pick Power Tunes

Music can shape our moods and get us in the right mindset. Research shows that music creates an emotional response within us. It has the power to not only boost our moods but affect our perception of the world. In a study published by PLOS ONE, participants who listened to happy music were more likely to interpret neutral smiley faces as happy ones.

Make music your motivational tool. You’ll need to find the songs that make you feel energized and powerful. What songs are your power anthems? What songs have you always loved? Are there songs that make you want to dance when you hear them? Once you’ve found your playlist, you’ll be ready to take on whatever your workout brings. 

2. Do Your Favorite Exercises

Working out should be enjoyable, even if it’s challenging. If you’ve lost your workout motivation, start your routine with some of your favorite exercises. Doing moves you love will help you ease into a rhythm so you’ll be more likely to keep going. 

3. Workout with a Friend

JAMA Internal Medicine published a study that found if your partner makes healthy life choices you are more likely to make them too. If your partner is active, you may become more active in turn. However, you don’t need a significant other to benefit from the power of partnership! 

Friendship can work just as well to keep you active and moving toward your goals. Researchers at Michigan State University found that exercising alongside a partner can help you go longer and improve your performance. Working out with someone else can push you to give your best. 

Other people help you stay accountable and try new things. You’ll be less tempted to skip a workout if a friend is counting on you to come to the gym or meet you for a run. Trying a workout class or a new machine at the gym may feel less intimidating with a friend by your side. 

4. Treat Yourself

After every workout, you should reflect on what you accomplished. As you cool down or stretch, think about your workout and praise yourself for the time you spent exercising. Sometimes the fitness motivation we need can come from our perspective on our bodies and working out.   

If you need a little more to keep you going, don’t be afraid to reward yourself after you complete a tough workout or meet a goal. Rewards can be simple. You could let yourself to stream the next episode of the series you’re hooked on, or set aside time to read a chapter of the book you’ve wanted to finish. 

5. Try New Workouts 

Sometimes what we need is a change of pace. Doing the same workout over and over leads to boredom and halts your progress. You should mix up the muscles you work, as well as the types of exercises you do. Once you master one move or routine, try something new or increase the intensity. 

When you begin to dread your workout routine, take some time to do another activity. If you always do home gym workouts, you may want to go for a run outside one day instead of staying indoors. Changing your routine can keep your workouts exciting. 

6. Give Yourself Time to See Results

Sticking to your fitness routine will give you the results you want. Unfortunately, results won’t happen overnight. Like all good things, physical results take time. You may not see results for months, so you’ll need to create a routine and set attainable goals. 

Goals can inspire you to keep working hard. You may have a big fitness goal, but it’s important to break that goal into smaller, achievable goals over a period of time. When you set small goals along the way, you’ll retain your workout motivation. 

Consistency is key to any fitness routine. Making exercise a habit will help you see results. Don’t be afraid to start small and work your way up to more complex and intense exercises. Physical results can be immensely gratifying, but working out is equally about how you feel. Be compassionate, and go easy on yourself!

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3 Responses to “6 Tips to Stay Motivated During the Holidays”

  1. Elizabeth Roometua

    I just received my Stamina in motion Compact Strider today and love it. It was easy to assemble with wonderfully clear and well written instructions which was greatly appreciated. I wish it were an American made product. Go American! Thank you for the nice product!

  2. I like your suggestion to workout with a friend to help increase performance and keep us accountable. In my opinion, it’s also a good idea to work with a personal trainer if you’re just starting out to give you an idea of what exercises to do. This is also beneficial to maximize your results by making sure you use the proper form for your exercises!

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