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Elevate your
pilates Workout

The AeroPilates Stand raises your reformer off the floor 10 inches – not only for increased accessibility, but also to make it possible to perform more advanced Pilates exercises.

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  • Elevates reformer about 10 inches to allow for more advanced exercises
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to store
  • Pull pins for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Pull pins are attached to the stand with cords so they can’t be misplaced

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Customer Review, Lillian

Aeropilates Stand

Raise your Reformer and Your Performance

When you elevate your reformer, you’re not just making it easier to mount and dismount; you’re making it possible to perform more advanced Pilates exercises. The AeroPilates Stand is made specifically for AeroPilates reformers with the large frames, lifting them 10 inches off the ground. 

The rubber-tipped legs prevent skidding to keep your reformer stable even in the most intense of Pilates workouts. Even more, the stand is convenient. The six easy-to-remove pull pins allow you to assemble and disassemble your stand with ease.

Which Size do I need?

Which size AeroPilates Stand do I need?

The AeroPilates Stand comes in two sizes (medium and large) to accommodate both our medium and large frame reformers. To ensure you get the right stand, please see the compatible reformers listed under each stand size.

Medium (55-4050)

The Medium Stand is compatible with the following reformers.

  • 55-4270
  • 55-4271
  • 55-4272
  • 55-4285
  • 55-4286
  • 55-4287
  • 55-4298
  • 55-4299
  • 55-4354
  • 55-4353
  • 55-4355
  • 55-4356
  • 55-4357
  • 55-4358
  • 55-4359
  • 55-4360
  • 55-4364
  • 55-4365
  • 55-4369
  • 55-4370
  • 55-4371

Large (55-4150)

The Large Stand is compatible with the following reformers.

  • 55-4695
  • 55-5000
  • 55-5001
  • 55-5002
  • 55-5003
  • 55-5004
  • 55-5005
  • 55-5006
  • 55-5007
  • 55-5008
  • 55-5010
  • 55-5516


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