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Upgrade to You 2.0 with Juvo Board

Upgrade Yourself. It’s time for You 2.0.

Warning: The stress of simply making New Year’s resolutions could cause a decline in health. Stress has been linked to disease, or should I say “disease”.

“Lose”. “Drop”.  “Change”.  “Make a resolution”.  “Count Calories.” Stop smoking.” “Exercise every day.”

Yet again, you commit to telling yourself you aren’t good enough in this state. It’s time to fight against, punish and beat yourself up over all these so-called “bad habits.”

But what if this year was different? What if this year you eased into 2018 with some small upgrades (instead of punishing changes)? It’s like an update to your personal iOS (internal operating system). It’s You 2.0. 

Instead of fighting and punishing yourself in the gym, drastically changing everything in your life, what if you simply eased into your desired habit? Why work against your body when you could work with it?  What if you took notice of what it actually needs in order to improve? Most of us know what we need. Perhaps, ignoring your body’s internal system and making too many changes at once has caused system shut-down in past years. Conversely, what if simply acknowledging the upgrade you know your system needs allows you to upgrade to You 2.0?   

Instead of overwhelm, what about ease?

Here’s some suggestions to ease into 2018 with some small, simple changes that your body may need.

  • Need to drink more water? You can still have coffee, but update your day by drinking water before you drink coffee.
  • Need to find time to exercise? Upgrade your day by waking 10 minutes earlier and turn on a free 10-minute workout video on YouTube.
  • Thinking of going low-carb? You can still eat carbohydrates, but try natural ones, such as potatoes, wild rice, vegetables and berries.
  • Sleep habits need an upgrade? Go to bed half an hour earlier to improve your internal operating system.
  • Looking to eat out less? Update your schedule to include a cook day, prepping meals for the week, and still make plans to eat out 1-2 times per month.
  • Desiring to lose some unwanted pounds? Upgrade your protein consumption and downgrade your sugar consumption.
  • Need to cut down on screen time? Increase your time reading books and limit social media use with a “social media curfew” in the evening.
  • Instead of counting and taking notice of calories, note how you feel after meals and simply become aware. Awareness is sometimes all you need to upgrade your life.
  • Want to stop smoking? Upgrade one of your cigarette breaks into a 5-minute walking break.
  • Looking to be a more calm, focused individual? Start your morning with a 5-minute mediation and some gentle movement. See below…

How Juvo can help

Juvo Flow combines gentle stretching, organic movement and meditation as a wonderful way to calm the brain. For more motivation to change, consider organic movement as an upgrade to your body’s functionality. Practicing organic movement has been shown to provide many great benefits for the brain.

Try the gentle, effective Juvo Board Flow routine below to upgrade your brain chemistry and calm yourself into making lasting upgrades in the New Year, instead of abrupt changes.  It doesn’t need to be all or nothing when it comes to improving yourself.  You can make lasting change with easy, achievable upgrades.

Small shifts yield BIG results over time. By listening to your body instead of fighting against it, you will naturally lower stress and ease into a more optimized version of yourself.

Juvo Board Flow Routine


Facing downward in Elevate, hip hinge and squat hips down towards heels pressing down into heels. Maintain a straight spine and hold for 3-5 deep breaths.

Squat with twisting arm reach

In the squat position, place the right hand down in front of the right leg and extend the left arm up to the sky as you rotate the heart up. Breathe deep and rotate over the other side.



Squat with glute touch

In the squat position, shift the weight back further and set the hips down on the board (support with hand if needed). Take a breath and slowly shift weight forward and use your core muscles to help yourself back into the deep squat. (Support with hands if needed) move slowly with 3-5 breaths



Half roll up

The next time you lower the hips for a glute touch, slowly roll back onto your spine, breathing as you go. Inhale, curl forward and peel yourself back up to a sitting position. Breathe slow and move fluidly, embracing core strength for 3-5 breaths.

Cat and cow

Position onto all fours facing upward in elevate. Inhale, lift your heart forward, and let the belly relax, exhaling round the back and let the head relax down. Continue slowly for 3-5 breaths.




Supported lunge

From cat/cow, step the right foot forward into the deep lunge, keeping weight in forward heel. Hold for 3-5 breaths. Switch to the other side and continue.


Supported Pigeon hip opener

From all fours, lower the right knee down to the board. Drop the left knee off the edge of the board. Puff your heart like a pigeon and lengthen your spine. Fold forward over the knee or stay supported on elbows or hands. Perhaps pulsing with your 3-5 breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Supine hamstring stretch right and left

Lie on your back and lift the left leg up, gently pulling it towards you. Bend the knee as much as needed to comfortably feel the stretch without strain. Hold for 3-5 breaths and then repeat on the other side.


 Slow windshield wipers


Lying on your back, bring your feet to the outer edges of the board with knees bent. Shift the hips to one side and let the knees drop to the other side. “Windshield wipe” the knees with slow and controlled deep breaths. Repeat for 5-7 rotations.

Relaxation inversion

Finally, sit at the top of the board and lie down on your back with your head at the bottom of the board. Let your arms cascade down overhead and relax fully as legs fall open and all the tension drains out of your body. Relax and breath for 3-5 breaths, focusing on a longer exhale than your inhale.

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