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It’s Time to Bring Juvo Board to the Golf Clubhouse

“If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.” – Principle McGee in Grease (and it’s still my favorite line from the movie!) 

Fittingly, while I may not be a golfer, I am a long-time personal trainer who loves to help my sport-specific clients improve through research. And since August is National Golf Month, I’ve been delving into research surrounding golf-specific physical conditioning lately. What did I find?

Most research supports core and stability training programs. Yes, my club-wielding friends, it’s time to put a backspin on your balance by training on an unstable surface, such as the Juvo Board!

An eight-week study in the Journal of Strength Conditioning Research cited that golfers could improve both their maximal club head speed. Even more, participants also made some functional fitness gains with a program consisting of flexibility exercises, core stability training, balance training and resistance training. These types of training and exercises can be accomplished through many modalities on the Juvo Board.

Training is not only crucial for performance; it’s critical in reducing the chance of injury. Low back injuries are all too common within the golfing community. But with adequate core strength, balance training and some simple flexibility exercises, you can keep your game up to par. To help you, I’ve put together a straightforward training regimen. You’ll see improve on the greens in no time!

Juvo Board Golf Workout

seat-forward-fold golfSeated Forward Fold Sit tall on the board, with both legs extended in front of you, knees softly bent. Facing downwards and fold forward over the legs and hold there, letting gravity pull you forward for 3-5 breaths.







woodchoppers golf

Woodchoppers with kettlebell – Feet hip-width apart. Swing kettlebell up over your right shoulder towards the ceiling, twisting your hips to the right, and pivoting your left foot towards the right.  Then let momentum carry the kettlebell back down towards the left ankle, as you pivot the left foot back down and twist your hips towards the left performing a small lunge on the left leg.  Repeat on the other side.





Plank-rock,-hands-on-barre golf

Plank Rock, hands on barre – Start with hands shoulder-width apart on the barre, and body in a straight line, supported on the toes. Keep the arms strong and abs engaged as you rock the juvo board side to side.







Elevated-hip-thrusters,-feet-on-barre golf

Elevated hip thrusters, feet on barre – Lie down on your back, with feet hip width apart on the barre.  Press the shoulders down into the board and lift the hips up.  Keep the back of the skull pressing down and chin lifted, so as not to compress the back of the neck.






Side-plank golf

Side Plank (30 seconds each side) – Situate yourself onto your right side, supported up on the right elbow or the hand.  Lift the hips by pressing into the feet or the knees and hold for 30 seconds.  Repeat on the other side.







Push-ups-on-barre-with-knee-tuck-rotation golf

Push-ups on barre with knee tuck trunk rotation Begin in a plank position with hands on the barre.  Perform one push-up, then holding in plank, draw one knee and then the other into the chest, rotating each knee into the opposing shoulder.  Alternate between push-ups and knees in.






Standing-resistance-band-Ys golf

Standing Resistance band “Y’s” Wrap a resistance tube or band around the barre, and hold each end in one hand.  Stand tall with feet shoulder-width apart and draw the arms straight out overhead into a “y” shape.  Return back to the lowered position and repeat.






Seated-trunk-rotation golf

Seated trunk rotation – sit on the Juvo Board, with knees bent and feet flat on the board.  Lean back slightly holding a kettlebell or small weight and twist in your waist, side to side, as you bring the weight to one side of your waist and then the other.






Table-balance-with-tuck-variations golf

Table Balance with tuck variations – Begin on all fours.  Extend opposing arm and leg straight out, and then bring the opposing elbow to touch the opposing knee tucking them underneath you.  Repeat on the other side.






Balance-squats golf

Balance squats – Feet hip-width apart, squat down through heels, maintaining a flat back as you draw your hips back.  Then stand back up and repeat.







Sphinx golf

Sphinx stretch Lying prone, prop yourself up on your elbows, like a Sphinx statue and pull the shoulder heads back as you press the heart forward, drawing up through the crown up the head.  Hold and breathe for 3-5 breaths.






Seated-side-twist-and-stretch golfSeated Side Twist and stretch Sit tall at the center of the board facing downwards, in a comfortable cross-legged position.  Place the right hand outside the left knee and twist your heart to the left. Hold for 3-5 breaths and then repeat on the other side. Perform a side stretch by extending the right arm overhead as you lean slightly over the left. Hold and breathe for 3-5 breaths. Repeat on the other side.








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