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AeroPilates gives you all the benefits of Pilates combined with a low-impact, calorie burning cardio workout to help you lose weight while you tone up. AeroPilates is the exercise that does it all.
In fact, with AeroPilates, you will reach and maintain your target heart rate as effectively as with a treadmill or elliptical trainer. But unlike the treadmill, the AeroPilates patented Cardio Rebounder is low impact and gentle on your joints.
Cardio rebounding is like jumping on a trampoline while you are lying on your back. The carriage slides as you jump. There is no concussion on your legs, hips, or spine so you build cardiovascular fitness and burn calories comfortably and safely.
AeroPilates strengthens your core and improves your flexibility to give you the lean, strong, streamlined, flexible body that only Pilates can achieve. AeroPilates improves your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, range-of-motion, and to relaxes your mind. Instead of feeling worn out after your workout, you will feel relaxed and centered.
The AeroPilates Premier 299 has many features to make your workout more effective and more comfortable.
When not using the AeroPilates Premier 299, simply fold and roll it to a storage area. It also slides easily under the bed.
  • Larger, trapezoidal carriage and cushion for added support (tapers from 23" down to 21", 29" long)
  • Curved, wider footbar for more foot position options
  • The patented Cardio Rebounder gives you a low impact cardiovascular workout while you lie on the carriage
  • Three resistance cords: Two regular tension black cords and one heavy tension red cord provide workout options to challenge you
  • Foam grip hand/foot straps keep you comfortable while you tone, strengthen, and get flexible
  • Quiet, ultra-smooth carriage rollers and gliders
  • Performs Pilates exercises to tone, shape, and stretch the entire body
  • 3 position adjustable headrest
  • High density foam shoulder pads, offer additional support and comfort
  • Heavy steel frame construction
  • Adjustable ropes to fit any user
  • Wooden trim makes this reformer an attractive addition to your home
  • Folds and rolls for easy storage
  • Heights up to 6'4"
  • Maximum user weight 300 lbs.
  • Includes:
  • Includes eight workout DVDs featuring Pilates expert Marjolein Brugman:
  • Introduction to AeroPilates
  • Level 1 AeroPilates Pure Pilates
  • Level 1 AeroPilates Simply Cardio Workout
  • Level 1 AeroPilates Integrated Workout
  • Level 2 AeroPilates Pure Pilates Workout
  • Level 2 AeroPilates Simply Cardio Workout
  • Level 3 AeroPilates Pure Pilates Workout
  • Level 3 AeroPilates Simply Cardio Workout
  • Includes full-color workout wall chart
  • Includes nutrition guide

Recommended use:  Use daily or at least 3 times per week for best results. AeroPilates improves your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, range-of-motion, and to relaxes your mind.

Material:  Steel frame, upholstered vinyl carriage, nylon ropes

Product Color:  Wood trim with black upholstery

Resistance:  3 resistance cords: 2 black regular resistance cords, and one red heavy resistance cord

Comfort Elements:  Padded carriage, headrest. Soft foam hand/foot straps

Targeted Training:  Core strength, total body strength, cardio for calorie burning and weight loss

Includes:  Stamina® AeroPilates® Premier 299, owner's manual, 8 workout DVDs, workout wall chart, nutrition guide

Assembly:  Some assembly required

3 years frame/90 days parts

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